Why yamo?

Because children deserve really good snacks. And parents deserve a break.

Organic ingredients from sustainable farming, gentle processing and the right mix of nutritious and tasty for kids of all ages.
added sugars

More Mmmh
Less Mooo

No cow, no problem
We choose oat milk because it is the greener alternative for a cleaner planet.
Buy One Save One
You buy pouches or baby meals for your child and together with Cleanhub we make sure that one less plastic bottle ends up in the sea! Clean deal, eh?
Cool for kids, cool for our climate
We do not use chemical fertilisers and insecticides. This is good for the climate, groundwater and biodiversity.

Real parents,
real opinions

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FAQ for Kids

Why is the sky blue?

Actually, the sky has all the colours of the rainbow. But we see it as blue. The sunlight is responsible for this. The blue part of the light in the earth's atmosphere is most often refracted by the sunlight at molecules and therefore appears radiant blue. Except when it rains, of course.

Why do I have to eat my vegetables?

Humans cannot live without vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The human organism cannot produce vitamins, minerals and trace elements itself, so they have to be ingested through food - especially vegetables and fruit rich in vitamins and minerals.

How heavy is an elephant?

It depends, because an African elephant is much bigger than one from Asia. While an Asian elephant can weigh up to 6 tonnes, a full-grown elephant from Africa can weigh over 7.5 tonnes. The heaviest elephant ever weighed in at over 12 tonnes. That's almost 12 cars at once!
FAQ for parents

How are my yamo products delivered?

Your products will be sent in a cardboard box with reusable cooling pads. The delivery time depends on where you live, but is usually between 8am and 6pm. Don't worry if you are not at home at short notice. The parcel service will leave your box in a suitable place.

Is cold-pressing really making a difference?

Yes, it's the process that preserves all the vitamins and minerals in the fruit.

How do I store yamo products?

It is important that our cold-pressed products (pouches, baby food and yamoghurts) are always sufficiently cooled in the refrigerator. Our other products for children can be kept for several months without refrigeration.
Any questions?