80% of your baby's brain is already formed by age 3.
The foundations for healthy development are laid in your baby's first one thousand days.
Up to 75% of the energy intake in the first few years of your baby's life is allocated to brain development.

Meet the yamopowers

  • Super Brain
  • Super Dreamer
  • Super Eater
  • Super Bone
The yamopowers are our promise to provide children with the nutrients that are so important in their early years.
Products with the Super Brain badge are a source of iron, vitamin C & B12. Iron is beneficial for cognitive development in kids and the ability to concentrate.

Developed with experts

We teamed up with nutritionists, food scientists, parent consultants, and parents to develop tasty recipies that contain important nutrients to support the healthy development of your baby.
Stefanie Bürge
Stefanie Bürge
Nutritionist SVDE

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Create your box

In which yamo products can I find the yamopowers?

You can find the yamopowers in all our products. On the shop you can see the specific yamopowers – Super Brain, Super Dreamer, Super Eater and Super Bone – that each yamo product contain.

What is special about yamo baby food?

At yamo we want to produce baby food as fresh as possible. That is why we do not sterilize our products with high heat to preserve them. We use the high pressure of the high-pressure process HPP. In this way our purees are kept fresh. Through this many natural vitamins, such as vitamin C, remain while bacteria are eliminated.