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For toddlers

Fresh power with our yummy guarantee: organic snacks for little adventurers


Delicious, fresh and practical for on the go, the pouches for babies and older kids.
made from whole vegetables and fruits
Cold pressed
no added sugar
100% natural
stays 6h fresh uncooled


Nutritious and cow-milk free: Our yamoghurts with oat alternative and delicious fruit ingredients are suitable for breakfast, as a snack in between meals or as a balanced dessert in the evening.
Cold pressed
no added sugar
100% natural
no fruit concentrates
plant based without milk

How long can I store yamo products?

You can store our cold-pressed products for at least a month in your refrigerator.

What makes yamo so special?

We love freshness above all else. That's why we use cold pressing to preserve heat-labile vitamins and the fresh taste of the ingredients. And all that without additives, concentrates or shelf life dates from a distant future.

How does high pressure pasteurisation work?

High pressure pasteurization is a pasteurization technology which - until now - has mainly been used to produce fruit juices. The purees are filled into packaging and then put into a high-pressure container filled with water. They are then exposed to pressure of up to 6000 bar. This eliminates bacteria while heat-labile vitamins, the fresh taste and the natural colours of the puree remain in our products.

How do you deliver your products? Don't they get warm?

We send our products in specifically designed boxes which keep them cool for more than 36 hours. Our customer support team will find a solution in the unlikely case that they arrive warm.