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For all parents who want to start with solid food and introduce new tastes and flavours to their little one.
100% natural organic ingredients
No added sugar
Vitamin preserving cold pressed
Fresh and delicious
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Heidi Plum
Plum, Spelt, Pear
3 Pieces
Mango No. 5
Apple, Mango, Banana, Millet
3 Pieces
Peach Boys
Peach, Apple, Carrot, Potato, Apricot
3 Pieces
Anthony Pumpkins
Apple, Butternut pumpkin, Potato
3 Pieces
Sweet Home Albanana
oat yogurt, Apple, Banana, Oatmeal
3 Pieces
Blue Berrymore
oat yogurt, Millet, Pear, Blueberries, Blackberry
3 Pieces

Simple recipe for introducing your baby to solid foods with total ease

Our bundle for the start into the exciting world of solid food. Thanks to simple recipes, your child can get to know the individual ingredients and classify them according to taste. Feeding with the spoon trains the child's chewing muscles from the very beginning.

Cold pressing the food retains its fresh taste

At yamo, we want to make baby food as fresh as possible. That’s why we don’t use high temperatures to sterilise our products, preserving their nutritious qualities.
We use high-pressure processing (HPP) to preserve our purees and retain their vitamins and freshness.
This cold-pressing process preserves many of the food’s natural vitamins, such as vitamin C, and its fresh taste and vibrant colours, all while eliminating bacteria.

What makes yamo's purees and yoghurtalternatives special?

At yamo we want to make baby food as fresh as possible. Therefore, we do not sterilize our products with high heat to preserve them. We use the high pressure of the high pressure process HPP. In this way our purees are kept fresh and preserve their vitamins. Due to this cold pressing many natural vitamins, such as vitamin C, remain fresh while bacteria are eliminated.

How exactly does high pressure pasteurization work?

High pressure pasteurization is an innovative pasteurization technology which - until now - has mainly been used to produce fruit juices. The purees are filled into their packaging and are then put into a high-pressure container filled with water. They are then exposed to pressure of up to 6000 bar. This eliminates bacteria while heat-labile vitamins, the fresh taste and the natural colours of the puree remain in our products.

How long can I store your products?

You can store our products at least one month in your refrigerator.

How do you deliver your products? Don't they get warm?

We send our products in specifically designed boxes which keep them cool for more than 36 hours. Our customer support team will find a solution in the unlikely case that they arrive warm.