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languages are spoken in the team


products were named by yamostars


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eaten croissants at the weekly yamo brunch

This is what awaits you
at yamo*

You are part of a strong brand

Work with engaged yamostars

Learn something new every day

Express your creativity - no matter in which job

Your opinion also carries weight in big decisions

Your day will never be boring

*All items in this list are real responses from an anonymous yamo employee survey.

Our APYs:

Awesome Perks for Yamostars

Education and training budget
of CHF 1,200

Entertainment perk
for Netflix and Spotify

CHF 300 for hobbies
from pottery to painting

50% discount
on all yamo products

An Around the World Ticket
after 5 years at yamo

CHF 400 tech budget
for a new gadget



We communicate openly and always with respect. And together we go the extra mile.

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