How do we do things at yamo? And more importantly, why? Fasten your seatbelts, the way we do things might surprise you!

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Our Mission

From babies to school children, we make parents’ lives easier by providing nutritious and delicious products to help children grow up healthy and strong.

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What makes yamo different

The status quo does not satisfy us, and we're proud of that! 💪

6 reasons that make us special:

1From parents, with parents,
for parents

We have been working closely with parents since day one, to ensure that yamo fits your needs, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying everyday life with children. 👶

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2Vitamin-friendly manufacturing processes

Must baby food be heat sterilised to be consumable? No!

Cooking baby food at temperatures above 100 degrees is a great way to destroy much of the naturally occurring vitamin C, vitamin A and the other heat-sensitive vitamins. This is why we use high pressure to eliminate bacteria, while keeping not just vitamins, but also the natural fresh taste and colour 🌈 untouched.

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3yamopowers - The right nutrients at the right age

yamopowers are our commitment to providing children with the nutrients that are crucial in those early and fragile years. This is why our recipes are tuned to naturally contain nutrients which support the age-appropriate development of your child.

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4No added sugar. EVER!

We never add sugar, period. Thanks to our gentle production and innovative recipes, our products are already mouth watering and delicious. 😊

5Innovative, not conventional

Thanks to our ingenious team of experts and our innovative technologies, we are developing tomorrow’s products for today’s kids. We were the first company in Europe to develop vitamin-preserving cold-pressed baby food, and also the first in Europe to launch plant-based children’s yoghurts.

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6100% natural and organic ingredients

All yamo products are made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. 🥕 Only the highest quality is good enough for us.

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