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Fresh taste
No added sugar
From whole fruits & veggies
Nutri-Score A
Plant based
Fresh taste
No added sugar
From whole fruits & veggies
Nutri-Score A
Plant based

Why yamo?

100% natural organic ingredients
Without added sugar
Cold-pressed to preserve vitamins
Free home delivery

The right fit for every age

Baby food
Organic meals, cold-pressed to preserve vitamins, with exciting ingredients and important nutrients.
Even picky eaters love it
Fresh organic pouches made from whole fruits and vegetables and oat-based yamoghurts.
The on-the-go rescue
Oat drinks
Plant based organic drinks in delicious varieties with Nutri-Score A, for a tasty refreshment in between.
A great fit for days outside
Fruit bars
Nourishing snack bars for kids with valuable organic ingredients, lots of fibre and Nutri-Score A.
The alternative to candy


How it works


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Our short quiz will give you a personal recommendation for your child. We pay attention to age, allergies and preferences.

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Choose your regular delivery from 3 options. You can pause, change or adjust your plan flexibly.

Be surprised

We regularly deliver delicious organic products in every box. Plus a surprise experience in the first 6 deliveries.

Real parents real opinions

Cool for kids Cool for the climate

No cow, no problem

We choose oat milk because it is the greener alternative for a cleaner planet.

Buy One Save One

By buying a pouch or baby meal, you ensure that one less plastic bottle ends up in the sea!

Organic only, please

We do not use chemical fertilisers and insecticides. This helps the climate, groundwater and biodiversity.

We're here too

FAQ for Parents

Why should I buy yamo?

Because we always want to do things better. Not for us, but for you and your family.
Boil fruit and vegetables for shelf life? Not at yamo! We use food of the highest organic quality and also pay attention to fair conditions in the (often regional) production facilities. Our baby and children's food is prepared in Europe at high pressure and we pack it straight into the chiller cabinet afterwards. This preserves heat-labile vitamins, fresh colours and real taste - without compromising on quality. That's why our baby food and snacks for children taste so fresh and irresistibly delicious for longer. By the way, we don't put any additives in our bags: no hidden or added sugar, no added salts and no concentrates. We rely on legible labels without blah-blah to make life at least a little easier for parents.
At yamo, parents can also rely on our expertise. Based on the knowledge of nutritional experts for baby and children's food, our boxes are personalised. Simply complete our super-short quiz, which takes into account age, preferences, allergies and nutritional requirements. In addition to tasty snacks for kids and porridge for baby, we also include a surprise in the first 6 boxes, which is also personalised according to your child's month of life. Cool, isn't it?
But we don't just provide you with regular plant-based organic meals and snacks that are just right for your baby or child's many needs. You'll also become part of the yamo family and get regular updates, recipe ideas with lots of vegetables and fruit, and lots of great surprises (and even the odd discount promotion) delivered straight to your inbox.
And last but not least: When you buy yamo, you support our mission to produce sustainable baby and children's food. For example, with our Buy One Save One programme: you buy one pouches or one porridge and make sure that one less plastic bottle ends up in the ocean! We also consciously avoid chemical fertilisers and insecticides and only use plant-based food. We optimise our packaging, such as in our organic muesli bars for children, whose wrappers are plastic-free and home-compostable. And through innovative cold pressing, we can save valuable resources such as water, energy or CO2 emissions.

How are my yamo products delivered?

Your baby and children's food will be sent in a cardboard box with reusable cooling pads. The delivery time depends on where you live, but is usually between 8am and 6pm. Don't worry if you are not at home at short notice. The parcel service will leave your parcel in a suitable place.
It is important that our cold-pressed products (pouches, baby food and yamoghurts) are always sufficiently cooled in the refrigerator after delivery. Our other products for children can be kept for several months without refrigeration.

What does yamo look for in its production?

We always develop our recipes together with parents, nutritionists, daycare centres and paediatricians. Quality and safety are our top priorities. With conventional raw materials, pesticides and herbicides are used that can harm your child. With organically grown vegetables and fruits, the use of these substances is prohibited and this ban is strictly controlled. That is why we source our raw materials from experienced organic suppliers. We always choose those partners who adhere to the highest organic baby certification standards and work as locally as possible.
We also test rigorously and always. On the one hand, we test all food on receipt of goods. Secondly, we have every production batch tested by an independent and certified laboratory. No yamo product goes on sale without the OK of the laboratory. But before we let our baby and children's food go out into the big, wide world, they are extensively tested by our most important experts: Children and their parents.
Just like you, we only settle for the best for your child.
✔️ 100% natural and regionally sourced ingredients where possible. ✔️ environmentally friendly and safe packaging ✔️ no added sugar ✔️ no additives ✔️ comprehensive quality and sustainability philosophy

FAQ for Kids

Why is the sky blue?

A good question, that is because the sky actually has all the colours of the rainbow. Each of these colours has a different wave. Some are longer, some are shorter, and when the wave is really short, it hits particles floating around in the air much more often, making the colour more vibrant.
Blue is such a colour with a short wave and that is why the sky shines blue. But only when the sun is shining, as the sun is needed as a radiating force in order to project light onto air particles.
And what happens when it rains? Then the sky appears grey because not enough rays of sunlight hit air particles to create the rich blue. Fascinating, isn't it?

Why do I have to finish my vegetables?

You don't like vegetables? Really? Not even spaghetti with tomato sauce? Okay. But without the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements in vegetables, humans can't live at all.
Our body needs a balanced diet with many different foods. Why? Because the human organism cannot produce these vitamins, minerals and trace elements itself. So we have to take them in through our food - especially by eating vegetables and fruit that are rich in vitamins and minerals. If you eat a balanced and varied diet, your body will feel better.
Fortunately, yamo tastes so incredibly delicious that you won't even notice if an extra portion of vegetables is hiding in your pouches or baby meals ;)

How much does an elephant weigh?

It depends, because an African elephant is muuuuch bigger than one from Asia. While an Asian elephant can weigh up to 6 tonnes, an adult elephant from Africa can weigh over 7.5 tonnes. The heaviest elephant ever weighed in at over 12 tonnes. That's almost 12 cars at once!
By the way: Do you know what our pouches have to do with elephants? During the cold pressing process, which we need for our baby and children's food, there is a loooooot of pressure. Imagine a whole family of elephants dancing on our pouches. This pressure destroys bacteria and germs, so our snacks keep a little longer without losing freshness or flavour. That's why you can really taste every banana, apple and pear in yamo's pouches. Don't you agree?