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Every child knows today that our way of life has a great impact on our planet. As a company, this responsibility gets a whole lot bigger.

We know that we are not perfect. But we are working on it!

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Cool for kids, Cool for the climate

Our ingenious cold-pressing process (HPP) allows us to provide kids with fresh food and snacks. Heat-sensitive vitamins, rich colours and the natural taste are preserved. Pretty cool, huh? The climate also thinks it's quite cool. Compared to heat sterilisation, cold pressing saves precious resources.

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less CO2 emissions

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less water consumption

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energy conservation

That's how it works

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in progress

We think plastic is nuts too. But glass or compostable materials would not withstand the high pressure of cold pressing. We are still working on a more environmentally friendly solution. Until we find the final material, we have to use recyclable plastic for our cold-pressed products.

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For people
and planet

We count on cold pressing for really good child food - and are working at high pressure on environmentally friendly packaging materials. At the same time, we are constantly optimising our value chain and processes to reduce the burden on the environment and the people who live in it.

Smartly packaged

We save 70% plastic and 55% shipping material with clever packaging solutions.

The plastic-free packaging goes right in the garden compost

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Shipping material Cardboard & paper tape are 100% recyclable

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The future eats plant based

We want to leave a healthy and clean planet for future generations. This is also why our focus is increasingly on delicious and nutritious plant-based snacks for cool kids. Why we use oat milk as the base for many yamo products instead of cow's milk? Among other things: unlike a cow, oats don't emit the greenhouse gas methane.

That's why oat is a hero:
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Uses less energy than cow's milk

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Requires less space than cows

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Doesn't fart (and is therefore less harmful for the climate)

Organic only, Baby!

From lentils to apples to oatmeal - we use only the best organic ingredients for our delicious baby and children's food. Because we strictly reject pesticides and chemical fertilisers in nature and on the table. And because it saves a lot of CO2 emissions when organic farming avoids chemical fertilisers and insecticides. This is good for our climate, groundwater and biodiversity. That's why we always go 100% organic. Good for your child and for the planet.

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We can do
even more

We are not perfectly sustainable - but we do our homework. Hopefully, we will soon be able to celebrate our future environmental successes with you. Until then, here are some projects for which our green heart beats mightily.

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Minimising food waste

Every year, tons of fruit and vegetables end up in the trash. That's why we try never to produce more than necessary. We also donate to Die Tafeln and Tischlein Deck Dich. In this way, we help to minimise food waste and at the same time ensure social sustainability.

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Buy One Save One

You buy a pouch or baby meal and we'll make sure one less plastic bottle ends up in the sea!
Together with Cleanhub, we remove plastic waste from near the coast before it ends up in the sea. For every yamo pouch and meal you buy, plastic waste equivalent to a plastic bottle is collected from the environment and disposed of properly. Clean deal, huh?