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Fresh power with our yummy guarantee: organic snacks for little adventurers

Toddler Trial Box

Try 10 of our best-selling toddler snacks and discover yamo's variety.
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Balanced recipes
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100% organic & plant-based
No added sugar
Cold-pressed to preserve vitamins
What you getOur Trial Box contains these 10 bestsellers in 5 delicious varieties. Click on a product to learn more about it.
Inbanana Jones
Banana, Mango, Coconut milk
2 Pieces
Prince Vanilliam
Banana, Strawberry, Yoghurt, Vanilla
2 Pieces
Quentin Carrotino
Apricot, Mango, Sweet potato, Carrot
2 Pieces
Katy Berry
Apple, Strawberry, Beetroot
2 Pieces
Mangolina Jolie
2 Pieces

Your benefit

Always fresh snacks for toddlers at hand with at least one month's shelf life
Balanced organic snacks, ideal for everyday and on the go
Thanks to the cold pressing of high-quality organic ingredients, many vitamins and real taste are preserved

How it works

Step 1
Get the Trial Box delivered to your doorstep.
Step 2
Test our products and discover what your baby likes
Step 3
Visit our shop and get the yamo box that suits your needs

Real parents,
real opinions

Blind Faith? No need.

Our recipes are developed by nutritionists, taste-tested by children and parents and recommended by child nutrition experts:
"yamo contains valuable vitamins and even tastes good to fussy eaters. I recommend yamo to all the families I accompany."
Eva Monteneri
Expert in child nutrition
Buy One Save One
For every yamo product sold, one less bottle ends up in the sea!
We work with partners in India, in an effort to remove plastic from the environment before it reaches the ocean.
We put the pressure on, so parents don't have to
Want snacks that last for years? Neither do we. That's why we don't sterilise our products with high heat to preserve them. Instead, we use the high pressure of cold pressing to keep our fruit and vegetable purees fresh and preserve vitamins while eliminating bacteria.
Artificial vitamins? No thanks!
Our organic ingredients naturally contain vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for normal child development.
Produced in Europe with love, care and peel
Our products are made with 100% organic fruit and vegetables – whenever possible local and of course with the peel. After all, there are many vitamins hidden there too. What's not in yamo? Sugar and other additives, which have no place in a healthy child's diet. Promise!

How long can I store yamo products?

You can store our cold-pressed products for at least a month in your refrigerator.

What makes yamo so special?

We love freshness above all else. That's why we use cold pressing to preserve heat-labile vitamins and the fresh taste of the ingredients. And all that without additives, concentrates or shelf life dates from a distant future.

How does high pressure pasteurisation work?

High pressure pasteurization is a pasteurization technology which - until now - has mainly been used to produce fruit juices. The purees are filled into packaging and then put into a high-pressure container filled with water. They are then exposed to pressure of up to 6000 bar. This eliminates bacteria while heat-labile vitamins, the fresh taste and the natural colours of the puree remain in our products.
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