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Frequently asked questions

How are my yamo products delivered?

As a Swiss customer, you will receive your yamo package on the day of your choice between Tuesday and Friday. Your products will be sent by DHL in a cardboard box with a reusable insulated bag and cooling pads. The delivery time depends on where you live, but is usually between 8am and 6pm. Don't worry if you're not at home at short notice. The parcel service will leave your delivery at a suitable location. Note: in case your products arrive a day later, please check if the cooling pads still contain a frozen core and if the products feel cool to the touch. If this is not the case, please write to us at: support@yamo.bio and attach a picture of the package.

What is the shelf life of yamo products?

Our products always have a shelf life of at least 21 days, often even longer. It is important that our cold-pressed products (pouches, baby meals and yamoghurts) are always sufficiently cooled in a refrigerator. You can find the exact best-before date on the packaging. Our other products for kids can be kept for several months without refrigeration. You'll find the exact best-before date on the packaging as well.

What is important to yamo during production?

We follow a holistic philosophy of quality and sustainability. We only use fresh, untreated organic raw materials and source them regionally whenever possible. We process these raw materials as gently as possible and do not use any additives (according to the law). Just like you, we are only satisfied with the best for your child. ✔️ 100% natural and, if possible, regionally sourced ingredients. ✔️ environmentally friendly and safe packaging ✔️ no added sugar ✔️ no additives ✔️ comprehensive quality and sustainability philosophy

How does high-pressure pasteurisation work?

High pressure pasteurization is a pasteurization technology which - until now - has mainly been used to produce fruit juices. The purees are filled into packaging and then put into a high-pressure container filled with water. They are then exposed to pressure of up to 6000 bar. This eliminates bacteria while heat-labile vitamins, the fresh taste and the natural colours of the puree remain in our products.

Where does yamo get its raw materials from?

We source our raw materials from experienced organic suppliers. We always select partners who adhere to the highest organic baby certification standards and work as locally as possible.

Do you add any additives to the recipes?

No, additives are really not our style. Besides, it’s not even permitted by law. We only use natural ingredients from organic farming for our products. Our guarantee: No sugar (except for what is naturally in fruits & vegetables), no colourings, no preservatives or artificial flavours.