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Guilt-free snacks

We skip nasty ingredients. Instead, we make really good snacks for kids - from babies to schoolchildren.

100% organic & plant based
No added sugar
to preserve

This is how we do it

Yummy freshness for fresh kids

Boiling fruit and vegetables to preserve them? Baloney! We treat our products with high pressure and then pack them in the fridge. This preserves heat-labile vitamins, fresh colours and real taste - without compromising quality.

No more bad snacks

We don't do additives*: no hidden or added sugar, no added salts and no concentrates. We rely on readable labels without the nonsense and on natural organic ingredients and raw materials from sustainable farming.

*acc. to Law

We love innovation

Whether it's cold pressing with the high-pressure method or the decision to produce only plant-based products without milk: a pinch of innovation is in every yamo product. And you can taste it!

Our story

Our story

Why does baby food actually have a longer shelf life than the age of the child eating it?

José, Tobi and Luca asked themselves the same question. But three resourceful guys can't just be brushed off with a simple answer to the question. yamo was born and with it the promise of producing delicious, fresh and nutritious food for children.

And now?

Tens of thousands of happy parents, at least as many satisfied children and a rapid team growth later, we continue to work on new products and features to make yamo even better for your kids and you. And all that is already happening in large parts of Europe!
We think plastic is bad too!
But cold-pressing doesn't allow for any other material. While we are exploring a more sustainable solution, we are trying to protect the environment elsewhere. For example, with our Buy One Save One initiative or our fight against food waste.
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