Spend less time in the kitchen and more with your child

We prepare our products with lots of love so that you have more time for your child.


Delicious, fresh and practical for on the go, the pouches for babies and older kids.
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Fresh puree varieties with vitamin-rich ingredients for babies from 4+ or 6+ months.
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For young and old: Plant-based oat yoghurt with no added sugar. With iron, vitamin C and B12.
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When nutritious meets delicious
80% of your baby's brain is developed by age three.
We know how important this key time is. That's why we have created tasty recipes that contain nutrients to support your baby's healthy development.


Source of iron. Iron is beneficial for cognitive development in kids and the ability to concentrate.
Our promise
100% natural organic ingredients
No added sugar
Vitamin preserving cold pressed
Fresh and delicious

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Tatel Velásquez
Mother of 2 children
"Thanks to yamo, I always have fresh, delicious food for my child at hand. I recommended it to all my friends."
We believe that baby food should never be older than the baby that eats it.