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Veggie Power Box

The Veggie Power Box shows toddlers that vegetables don't have to be bad at all, but can even be super tasty - especially in combination with their favourite fruits.
Discover vegetables in a fun way
Even green veggies want to be enjoyed like this
Made from whole fruit and vegetables, for more vitamins
In stock
€ 39.80
What you get
Katy Berry
Apple, Strawberry, Beetroot
5 Pieces
Avocado di Caprio
Pear, Avocado
5 Pieces
Nicki Spinaj
Apple, Cucumber, Spinach, Banana
5 Pieces
Quentin Carrotino
Apricot, Mango, Sweet potato, Carrot
5 Pieces

We put the pressure on, so parents don't have to

Want snacks that last for years? Neither do we. That's why we don't sterilise our products with high heat to preserve them. Instead, we use the high pressure of cold pressing to keep our fruit and vegetable purees fresh and preserve vitamins while eliminating bacteria.

Artificial vitamins? No thanks!

Our products contain only organic ingredients that naturally contain vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for the normal development of children.