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Lunch Time Box

Ready, set, lunch! Discover satisfying consistencies and balanced recipes for babies from 7+ months.
Always a well balanced meal at hand
More filling consistencies and a new world of flavours
Balanced recipes, made with whole fruits and vegetables
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€ 39.80
What you get
Karote Kid
Mango, Carrot, Sweet potato, Lentils, Oatmeal
5 Pieces
Beetney Spears
Apple, Pear, Potato, Beetroot, Lentils
5 Pieces
Pear, Broccoli, Chickpeas, Coconut milk, Millet
5 Pieces
Pear, tofu, Spinach, Millet, Blumenkohl
5 Pieces

We put the pressure on, so parents don't have to

In the mood for baby food that lasts for years? Neither are we. That's why we don't sterilise our products with heat to preserve them. Instead, we use a high pressure during cold-pressing to preserve vitamins and keep our purees fresh while eliminating bacteria.

Artificial vitamins? No thanks!

Our products contain only organic ingredients that naturally contain vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for the normal development of children.