100% organic
No added sugar
Cold pressed

Good food for kids

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Made from whole fruits and veggies

The ideal hiding place for vitamins? Fruit and veggie peels! That's why using 100% organic food is a no-brainer at yamo.

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Cold pressed

Instead of heat, we apply pressure to preserve valuable nutrients and natural colours.

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No added sugar

Good taste needs no additional help.

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No hidden sugar

Nope. Not even from sweeteners, fruit concentrates or additives.

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Full transparency

Simple recipes, that don't require magic tricks.

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Loved by children and parents

"Since we have filled our fridge with yamo, we don't have to think twice. Fresh Snacks are always ready to go!"

Daniel Steiner

Dad to a son

yamo will be available across Austria soon

For a better future: Buy one Save one
With every yamo product sold, one bottle less is polluting the ocean! In cooperation with Cleanhub, we work with partners in India to collect plastic, bevor it reaches the sea.
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Questions we get asked a lot

Does cold pressing really make a difference?

Yes! Cold pressing preserves vitamins, natural colors and valuable nutrients.

Why is there no meat in your products?

Our products not only need to be nutritious, they also have to be really delicious. Imagine high pressure pressed meat for a second and you'll know why we don't use meat – doesn't sound too yummy, right?

What are you doing for the environment?

We have a responsibility for the environment. That's why we are constantly working to use less packaging, be more resource efficient and work with the NGO Cleanhub to remove plastics from the environment.